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Supernationals Cadet (winner)
Mini ROK World Cup (winner)

KFJ European Karting

KFJ European Karting
KFJ WSK Karting
Supernationals Junior (winner)

KFJ World Karting Champion

In 2011 Logan won the prestigious Supernationals race in Las Vegas and the Mini ROK World Cup in Lonato making him one of the USA's brightest prospects.

At the end of 2014 Logan won the TAG Junior Supernationals race in Las Vegas and became the 1st driver to win both TAG Cadet and TAG Junior Categories. 

In 2015 Logan  secured the World Junior Karting Championship becoming the first driver from the USA to win the World title since 1978. In 2016 Logan competed in the new 'OK" category this season with Ricky Flynn Motorsport. 

2016/17 Rookie Champion Formula 4 UAE Championship with Team Motorpark 


2017 will see Logan compete in F4 in the UK with Carlin.

Website: www.logansargeant.com
Age: 17
Idol: Michael Shumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Ayrton Senna
Hobbies: Fishing